13th June 2019

Ashstead Fell lies adjacent to our High Borrowdale property and is notable that it can be seen from much of the surrounding land in South Lakeland due to the presence of coniferous plantations. Friends of the Lake District strongly opposed these in the 1980s. Proposals have now come forward to fell some of the coniferous woodland which we strongly support, but we fundamentally object to the proposals to replant with coniferous species. This area is now within the Lake District National Park and also forms part of the setting of the World Heritage Site. Forest design and the policy context have moved on, but the proposals will further the harm caused by the planting since the 1980s.

Read our full response to these proposals, submitted 12th June 2019:

fld ashstead comments, june 2019.pdf

View the Felling Licence Application (FLA) restock map:

FLA restock Map.pdf