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Interested in archaeology and heritage in the Westmorland Dales?  Keen on getting involved?

Develop recording skills to carry out historic and condition surveys of small scale historical features such as lime kilns, stone troughs, sheep folds, dew ponds and boundary markers.

A wide range of small scale features still exist in the Westmorland Dales. They provide a precious link to our past yet are now overlooked and neglected as they have become functionally redundant in the modern world. Features include; boundary markers, churn stands, dew ponds, gathering pens, pole gate stoups, sheep folds, stone troughs, hand water pumps and field lime kilns.

This workshop will be a general introduction to survey and recording the condition of these features using historical documents and practical techniques. The day will be a mixture of indoor and outdoor fieldwork.

If you would like to get involved contact David or Nicola on 01539 720788 Email: westmorlanddales@fld.org.uk