Dark Skies Cumbria

Saving Our Night Skies

Cumbria's dark skies allow us to see the natural wonder of the stars, but are also critical for the health wildlife and our own natural well-being. Sadly light pollution in Cumbria is increasing each year, threatening to obscure our view of the stars and blinding and confusing animals so they can’t feed or find a mate. We need urgent action now to stop light pollution. Stargazers, photographers, wildlife lovers and local communities… please help.


Or you can give by text to 70085. Just message DARKSKIES along with your chosen donation amount (eg DARKSKIES 5 to donate £5). Standard message rates apply.

The Lake District and Cumbria offers some of the most spectacular and precious skyscapes in England and we want you to join us on an interstellar adventure. Download our Dark Sky Discovery Pack and get started today!

What is Star Count?

The best way to see how many stars we can all see in the sky is… to count them! So CPRE is asking people from all across the country to become ‘citizen scientists’ and look heavenwards for one night. Join in by choosing a clear night between 26 February and 6 March 2022 and becoming a stargazer. Pop the dates in your diary now!

Your results from Star Count will help CPRE to produce a map of where star-spotters are enjoying deep, dark skies. By showing on a map where light pollution is most serious, we can work with local councils and others to decide what to do about it.

To take part you need to count the stars you can see within the constellation of Orion, the hunter on any night from 26th February to 6th March 2022. Orion wears a belt and holds a club and a shield. With your help, CPRE will create a map to show the best places for stargazing and where it is difficult because of light pollution.

Visit CPRE's website at www.cpre.org.uk/starcount for instructions on how to take part

CPRE has also produced a great family activity pack which is free to download with lots of fun activities and lots of helpful advice on carrying our your star count. Do also download and share our Star Count poster promoting the event so that we can get as many people in Cumbria as possible to take part and help to map our night sky.

Download our Star Count Poster (pdf)

Download CPRE's family activity pack with star count instructions and fun activities (pdf)

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