The Lake District is England's largest national park; home to our highest mountains, deepest lakes, favourite views and wildest spaces.

It is truly a special place. The majestic fells and deep tarns look timeless and unshakable, but we know that they are vulnerable and in need of our care and protection.

Currently, the Lake District, and Cumbrian landscapes as a whole, face four key threats:

- Pressures from increasing visitor numbers

- Infrastructure projects

- Uncertainty for upland land managers' and family farms

- Climate change

We know that these key threats are all coming together now to make this a pivotal time for the Lake District, and our role to advocate on behalf of our precious landscapes even more vital over the next few years.

Recent World Heritage Site Status for the Lake District means visitor numbers are likely to increase by a third over the next few years. The Thirlmere zipwire proposal and the pylon campaign on the west of the Lake District remind us of the urgency of inappropriate infrastructure threats. It seems not a day goes by without Brexit being in the news. Currently 90% of Lake District upland farmers' income comes from Europe. Brexit means times of significant uncertainty for our Lake District land managers and we are determined to lobby government to ensure that leaving Europe becomes an opportunity rather than the end of our land managers livelihoods. Finally Climate Change continues to ravage our landscapes, with our land experiencing four landslips already in the winter of 2017/18.

The threats are clear and Friends of the Lake District has put together a five year programme of work to meet these challenges and protect the Lake District during this time of significant change.

In order to deliver this programme of work we need to raise £1.2 million over the next four years.

We would love to talk to you more about this appeal and send you our appeal brochure. please email [email protected] or phone 01539 720788 to speak to Sophie for more details.

Any donations towards helping us to achieve this ambitious target are gratefully received.